• Can virtual reality substitute an actual reality?

    Technology can be very luring. It can give conflict to the brain as to what is real and what is virtual. A simple technology can give a big impact to its holder. In reality, no one is surprised if a laptop can produce a magical video or a smartphone can refigured one’s face. This is really true in case of virtual reality. There are rising trend as whether the technology can be a substitute to actual reality.

    Let us first define what virtual reality is. A virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation that projects imaginary environment as real. It is the most immersing type of technology as it stimulates and convinces the brain that the virtual environment is something real. It is meant to Continue Reading

  • How Virtual Reality Affects The Brain

    Everything we do is controlled by our brain. Every single piece of information we get from the environment goes up to the brain so it can make a decision on what it needs to do.

    Boil down to the most basic principle, a brain is just a tool for survival. But what happens if we give the brain false information or try to trick the brain into thinking something is happening which really isn’t?

    The idea of Virtual reality is basically tricking your brain into believing what you’re seeing is true. So, it’s essentially hacking your audio and visual system and makes Continue Reading