If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, you might have noticed that it is extremely busy and densely populated. Yet, every evening its clean and well-illuminated streets become full of foreign men walking hand-in-hand with local women. In general, foreign guys have no problems at all approaching a Japanese woman in Tokyo in English, because most local women do speak it.

However, dating a Japanese woman is not easy!

When it comes to dating women in Tokyo, you should bear in mind that Japan has a very homogenous population. Foreigners make up less than two percent of it. Few interracial couples in the Japanese capital tie the knot down the road. This should tell you that while it may be easy for a foreign man to hook up with a girl in Tokyo, starting a relationship with one is far more challenging.

Oftentimes, “gaijins” can do well in Japan. Maybe this has to do with the ever-rising popularity of Hollywood cinema in Japan and especially in Tokyo. Japanese women can also like how freely foreign men can talk about their feelings.

Polish your Japanese and be culturally aware

From the paragraphs above, the conclusion can be drawn that foreign men who speak some Japanese and are consistently working to improve their level of eloquence stand a far greater chance of starting a sustainable relationship with a local girl in Tokyo than the typical gaijin.

Tokyo girls look up to their parents very much. In fact, they tend to leave the family home not earlier than the age of 25 or even 30. Hence, your Tokyo date should feel comfortable inviting you to dinner to meet her parents. This makes studying Japanese and imbibing local culture all the more important.

Financial stability counts

Financial stability is also very important to young Tokyo women because the Japanese capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world. In Japanese culture, the man is the breadwinner in the family, but he has to give all of his monthly earnings to his wife to keep and manage it as she sees fit.

This may come as a shocking surprise to many foreign men who think that dating women in Tokyo is easy. If you are seriously thinking of building a relationship in Japan’s financial and cultural heart with a local woman, you should be prepared to give her all of your earnings without any questions and conditions.

If you make the impression that you are, it should be easy to date a local woman. If not … well, keep trying.